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A graphic designer and painter who has lived and worked in London and Manhattan, Ann Lowe spent five years researching, developing and painting her first deck of 32 Imagination Story Cards. Today, the cards are not only used as a family activity game, but also as a tool in
therapeutic, educational and artistic settings.

Lowe conceived the cards as a way to spark story telling, imagination and creative conversation between teacher and student, therapist and patient, parent and child.

“My cards have been utilized in focus groups,” Lowe says, ”as a means of engaging in verbal communication. What emerges is
amazing. Often the images that both children and adults see in the cards, and how they express themselves in response to them, can be breathtaking.”

“The images are abstract and unique in their open-endedness,” Lowe continued. “Instead of starting with a familiar image, one sees
whatever it is that they see — and tells the story it brings out of them.”

The cards are also versatile and can be used by one person, small groups, or 32 people since there are 32 cards.

Lowe was born in Fayetteville, AK. She received a BA degree from the University of London and spent eleven years in New York. Her clients have included HBO, Time/Life Home Video and Oxford University Press.

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