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Michael J. Gelb, author, national bestseller "How to Think Like
Leonardo da Vinci"
"Leonardo da Vinci urged his students to "quicken the spirit of invention" by free associating in response to abstract patterns. Ann Lowe's
Imagination Story Cards™ offer a delightful way to follow the Maestro's advice."

Randy McCutcheon, nationally recognized by the US Dept. of Education for innovation in curriculum; author, “It Doesn’t Take a Genius: Five Truths to Inspire Success in Every Student.”
“One way to brainstorm story ideas is to use Imagination Story Cards.™
The abstracted sketches on the cards provide an infinite number of possibilities to stimulate the imaginations of creative writers.”

Martin J. Vespo,Vespo Associates, Cortlandt Manor, NY—
“...the creative educator will be very drawn to these cards.”

Bill Blakemore, retired teacher—
“I wish I’d had these Imagination Story Cards when I was teaching
creative writing.”


Joan Hargrave, speech-language therapist, International School of Beijing—
“I've never seen anything as potent as Imagination Story Cards.
The mesmerizingly beautiful cards encourage spontaneity and sincerity. For example, a teenager who had been placed in countless foster homes and who rarely spoke of his siblings, built a touching story about a giant butterfly winging his brothers and sisters into the rain forest. Magical!”

Skye Norton, MA, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction—
“An experiential experience for clients that aids in abstract thinking,
developing inner insight, communicating, reconnecting with the hidden imagination, and as a way to lower levels of defensiveness in new interactions.”


MF Dondelinger—
“What a fun way to start my day – encouraging my brain to play first off! This morning I saw a blind rabbit and a pilated woodpecker in a penguin’s body throwing punches and all hell breaks loose. A few eggs get ruined in the fury. I just love these cards. Thanks for creating them.”

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